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Tavern Trs

Konoba Trs

The desire to shape our way of cooking, we turn to food from nature and culture, discover our history and shape the future.

If Trogir is already called a UNESCO city, then that city has its own gastronomic haven. And Konoba Trs certainly deserves such a label.
Located in the old city center in a house from the 13th century, Konoba Trs, which owes its name to the airy vines that cover the beautiful terrace of this gastronomic temple, has quickly become one of Trogir's leading restaurants with its distinctive culinary style, casual ambiance and tradition. And so already branded dishes, such as lamb pashticada, octopus tripe, shark with spring beans, and the inevitable rabbit with lentils clearly reveal their identities with their smell and taste.

After all, in this restaurant you eat for hours and not for minutes, which clearly shows that you live to enjoy food and not live to eat. In the footsteps of this gastrosophy, we nurture a true coexistence with nature as well as a Mediterranean gastronomic heritage. So, in addition to olive oil, young lamb, sheep and goat cheese, homemade prosciutto, pancetta, various peas, then vegetables from which we distinguish, broccoli, Swiss chard, cauliflower and onions which we grow in the fields of the Trogir hinterland, we pride ourselves on the famous red wine of the Babić variety from our own production. Of course, in the sideboards of the Trs tavern, which are so reminiscent of the archaic Venetian ones, there are also rows of selected bottles of innumerable brandies made of fragrant herbs, cherries, carobs, which, under the palate of a true gourmet and hedonist, almost alchemically merge with the local dessert.
Trogir ravioli. Therefore, our menu is somewhat modern, yet also rustic, basically based on the pattern of a healthy life and tradition.

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Ulica Matije Gupca 14, 21220, Trogir, Croatia


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