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Blue Destination

Blue Cave tour Split
Discover the famous Blue Cave tour from Split and islands during your vacation in Dalmatia!

Travel with the most luxurious speedboat of Mediteranian fleet. Explore Blue Cave tour from Split, island Hvar, island Vis and much more. This unique adventure that will make you and your loved ones feel very special. Tour includes private skipper and tour guide that will give you insights of our trip. Also some stunning historical facts about Blue Cave, Hvar,Vis, Split etc… We will take you on beaches that you can wisit only by a boat. Our safety standards are on the highest level possible. Expirience of our speedboat tour crew is going to make your special day so only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy some of Dalamtia best spots and pearls.

Speedboat Blue Cave tour
. We will introduce you to the most beautiful Dalmatian islands, secluded beaches and fantastic caves. By choosing this obligatory day trip, indulge in our experienced guides who will show you all the untouched beauty of the central Dalmatian islands. Provide you with an unforgettable relaxation in the sun and the crystal clear sea.
There are several caves on the island, the most famous of which is the Blue Cave tour from Split (Blue Cave). Around noon, when the sea is calm, the sun’s rays penetrating through the underwater opening in the Blue Cave bounce off the white lower floor. Than painting the cave blue, and objects in the water silver.

Duration: 10 hours

Daily trip Hvar
Explore the pearls of untouched nature and treat yourself with a day that will delight all your senses. The Blue Cave tour starts back in 1884 when local fishermen showed it to the Austrian artist Eugen von Ransonnet-Villez. Thrilled with stunning games of light, surreal color of blue, and the unique atmosphere this pearl of nature has to offer, the artist published an article in Viennese daily, declaring it to the world. Following our visit to Blue cave we will sail along the southern coast of island Vis built mainly of limestone and enjoy the captivating views of the monumental cliffs and many small caves carved by the waves.

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